Social Media Services

Studio Muse creates and builds your online presence through social media, including Facebook and Twitter. We develop unique content based on your expertise, manage and monitor posts, and optimize ad designs and features.

Marketing Services

We help you increase your profile as an expert in your field through customized consultations, promotional writing assistance, personalized websites, and media kit development.


We design virtual and in-person events, including podcast-style author interviews. Studio Muse also partners you with our professional trainers, who have advised business consultants, local and federal government officials, and TEDx speakers.

Your work deserves more.

Studio Muse understands that many writers, scholars, and experts lack opportunities to share their expertise. We recognize the need to tell better stories and to elevate public discourse--especially in today's world. This is why we bring scholars, writers, and marketing professionals together to work for you.

Studio Muse offers you a way to increase your profile, and, most importantly, to bring your work to a broad audience of engaged readers.

We help you make a difference.